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Say Goodbye to "We'll get to it!" Create the Wheel Coaching is all about helping your company create, set,
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Improving Outcomes
What we Do

We focus on improving your results by helping you focus, plan, set goals, collaborate, and execute!



Strategy Coaching

Focus on the right path…

I will show you how to get your strategy off the whiteboard and onto the scoreboard! 


Objectives & Key Results

Everyone works together…

Understanding and implementing the language of Objectives & Key Results (OKR’s) can dramatically improve your results.


Goal Execution Coaching

Win everyday…

Learn an approach that will help you consistently accomplish your goals and get more stuff done!!

Make it Happen!

We Give Businesses a Playbook for Winning!

The statistics are harsh, “90% of all businesses fail to reach their strategic goals because of poor planning or execution” (HBR, 2018). Now whether you believe that statistic or not is up to you. But our mission at Create the Wheel is to deliver coaching experiences to businesses and business leaders that improve their results by helping them focus, plan, set goals, create accountability, and execute. I have seen time and again that improving planning and execution can dramatically change the trajectory of any company. Let’s partner to begin improving your results today.

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About Kurt Geldner
Solutions for Helping Companies Plan, Execute and Win!

I started Create the Wheel with a dream…help businesses succeed consistently!  As an entrepreneur and corporate employee, I’ve worked with hundreds of companies.  I’ve worked with organizations that had great ideas but no planning discipline.  Others that created goals but could just never get them accomplished.  Still others that had goals and planning, but couldn’t get their teams to work together to deliver results.  I launched Create the Wheel to give my clients an advantage… get the experience of years of solving problems just like those I mentioned, without taking years to learn how! 

My work has taken me all over the country.  It’s been my experience that from the board room to the back room it seems to be the same challenge; define what needs to get done, create a plan for how to do it,  choose who is on the team, get to work, and measure the results.  Five steps!  Guess what…a very small percentage of companies do those 5 steps consistently.  That’s where we come in! 

 My mission is to help you achieve better results, expand opportunities, and grow consistently. Let’s take your business to levels you never thought possible!  I want to understand your definition of success and help you get there.  So, if you’d like to plan, execute, and win consistently, let’s talk. Thanks again for taking a few moments to visit the site.  I look forward to connecting with you. 

Kurt Geldner