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Decision Making



Thinking in Bets – Annie Duke
A unique perspective on decision making molded from her exploits as a professional poker player.

The Innovation Formula – Alan Weiss
A guide to learning how to innovate consistently in your organization.

The One Thing – Gary Keller
Focus is the main topic with an easy to follow step plan to get more of the right things done. 

The 4 Disciplines of Execution – McChesney/Covey/Huling
A classic schematic for time tested results focus.

Code Halos – Frank/Roehrig/Pring
The decision making guide to consumers digital transformation.

Influence – Robert Caldini
The best book ever written on why people make the decisions they make. MUST READ!

Competing Against Luck – Clayton Christensen
The Job to be Done is why people buy.  Knowing the JTBD as a company makes you instantly more competitive.

Strategy and Business Design



Connected Strategy – Siggelkow/Terwiesch
How to create a digital strategy for your business.

Blue Ocean Strategy – Kim/Mauborgne
Finding uncontested marketspace can revolutionize growth and competitive advantage.

Blue Ocean Shift – Kim/Mauborgne
Turn your Blue Ocean Strategy into a reality.  Execute on the possibilities.

Business Model Generation – Osterwalder/Pigneur
A lesson book on how to evaluate and develop business models.  VERY PRACTICAL.

Value Proposition Design – Osterwalder/Pignueur/Bernarda/Smith
Designing a value proposition requires an approach.  Another lesson book on the topic. 

Design a Better Business – Pijl/Lokitz/Solomon
Tools and practical tactics to design a successful business.

Objectives and Key Results



Measure What Matters – John Doerr
The most influential work on the origination, development and use of the Objective and Key Result (OKR) methodology.

Objectives and Key Results – Niven/LaMorte
Practical advice on implementing an OKR program. 

OKR’s at the Center – Hellesoe/Mewes
More solid practical advice and guidance on implementing OKR’s in your company/organization. 

Growth and Transformation



Beyond the Wall of Resistance – Maurer
Change is a cycle.  Learn how to identify it and manage it. 

Nail It and Scale It – Furr/Ahlstrom
Ideas don’t become a reality without a process.  Learn the most successful process for turning ideas into innovation.

Growth IQ – Tiffani Bova
There are elements of growth. Understanding them and recognizing which your organization/company is currently in can change how the future looks.

Launch – Jeff Walker
Growth is difficult. Consistent growth is rare. Learn a system that is proven to accelerate new and existing product and service launches to new levels.

Launch – 2021 This is an updated version of the previous great book. Either one is a great guide to online success!
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