Knowing Where to Start 

What to do to start small and win big! I’ve worked with a lot of companies; large, small, start-up, growing, struggling, and conditions in between.  My experience has been that no matter what their present situation is, they all have something in common; choosing a starting point to improve or make progress is often quite […]

The Path to Executing Your Goals

Don’t Confuse “Activity” With “Productivity.” Productivity is a popular word in the business world that is often used to push people to get as much done as quickly as possible. But, what does productivity really mean? It’s easy to confuse how active we are with how productive we are. For instance, it seems like we’re […]

Can Business Coaching Really Make a Difference?

If your business needs help, get some ideas here! At the risk of droning into sports analogies, I thought the “teaser” question added illustration as well as provoke attention!  But really, its kind of a difficult question until you try coaching for yourself.  So, maybe you can’t answer the question(s) above.  But keep reading.  If […]

How to find Innovation Ideas in Unexpected Places

There are several schools of thought about the connection of “innovation” and “small business.”  Hit your search tool and type in “innovation and small business.” What you will find is a plethora of ranking articles about “how” to innovate, “5 steps”, or my favorite “promoting innovation.”  What I’ve noticed to be missing are ways to […]

What Bass Fishing Taught Me About Business

I have always had a passion for fishing.  There is just something about planning how you are going to get to the best spot ever, first thing in the morning, and be the first person to pull the biggest, feistiest version of what you are after out of the water.  Since I was young, there […]