Our most frequently asked questions
No. I have had experience with clients of all sizes. What’s most important is understanding the challenge or opportunity your company or group is facing and the value our work together is creating as it improves.
Yes! A project is identified, an assessment performed, scope of effort agreed to, and proposal approved. Work is conducted separately from coaching services.
Part of the benefit of working with Create the Wheel is the experience factor! Strategy can affect every functional area of a business. I am prepared to support clients across all their functional business areas as needed.

I can. ZOOM of course has become the defacto standard for communication and collaboration, so I do most of my meetings using the tool. However, I am aware, depending on the client need, there may be times that I am needed to be “on-site” with a client. In those cases, travel arrangements will be discussed and those expenses will be included in the fee

Yes. Due to the nature of most engagements, email is the most efficient communication tool. Status, follow-up, project details, and other content will be exchanged during our time together. Of course we will be communicating by phone and text message. Other methods can be used for chat and real time communications. An example would be SLACK or MS Teams. Use of those tools are decided at the time of project initiation.